The Palestinian Boat Team for Theatre and Arts


Reviving Palestinian and Moroccan heritage through theatre and performance arts

In the heart of Rabat, The Palestinian Boat Team for Theatre and Arts stands as a cultural hub igniting creativity, unity, and empowerment. Since its establishment in 2019, the team has aimed to enhance Palestinian identity and celebrate the rich Moroccan heritage.

An inspiring artistic journey from Palestine to Morocco

Join us on a journey of creativity and diversity

The Palestinian Boat Team

The team showcases its most prominent activities, from producing theatrical performances to organizing training programs and heritage events, which aim to connect Palestinian roots with Moroccan culture.

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Igniting creativity and empowerment through art

Team Members and Their Backgrounds

Mohamed Qassem


A Palestinian artist, actor, director, and playwright who grew up in Gaza, moved to Morocco in 2016 to establish the first cultural art project named The Palestinian Boat, combining his love for art and advocacy for just causes. Mohamed gained professional experience through his work on theatrical performances addressing social and cultural issues, and training programs for youth, children, and people in difficult situations.

Abdelmoumen Taghrar


Theatre and film actor, and cultural mediator with a bachelor's degree in sociology, his personal aspirations lie in projects dealing with social responsibility, especially those committed to youth integration.

Anas Abouaita


An actor and children's theatre trainer, gained experience in this field through his work with various educational and cultural institutions in Palestine and Morocco. His interests lie in strengthening Moroccan-Palestinian ties through the connection and convergence between the two heritages and showcasing them to the world.