Our Trainings: Empowering creativity and enhancing identity

At the Palestinian Center for Theatre and Arts, We believe in the power of art and creative expression to bring about positive change. Through a variety of workshops and training programs, we strive to develop participants' artistic skills and enable them to express their identities and issues in innovative ways.

Our Main Workshops


Drama Exploration Workshop

This workshop focuses on developing acting and directing skills, where participants discover their creative abilities through practical theatre experiences. It also helps them express societal issues in an impactful artistic manner.

Psychological Support through Theatre Workshop

This workshop aims to use performance arts as a tool to improve mental health and recover from trauma. Through interactive exercises and theatrical performances, participants discover new ways to communicate and express their emotions.


Dabke Workshop

This workshop focuses on reviving Palestinian and Moroccan folklore through learning traditional Dabke and Zaffa dances. Participants acquire skills in movement and musical performance, while learning about the cultural and social dimensions of these folk arts.

Join us on this creative and transformative journey, and explore how art can empower you to express your identity and contribute to building a more cohesive and just society.