Our Work Since 2019

The People's Cafe Play

"The People's Cafe" is a Palestinian operetta that highlights the bright side of the Palestinian people and transcends geographical boundaries to combine Palestinian and Moroccan heritage. The story takes us to a lively Palestinian neighborhood filled with life, colors, and music, where artists use various artistic tools to tell stories of solidarity and brotherhood between peoples through different artistic scenes, such as performances, singing, and cinema. The show presents a positive image of Palestinian culture and highlights the will of the Palestinian people and their longing for life.

Bridges in collaboration with ISICCO

"Bridges" is a play that explores the positive impact of the Arabic language as a bridge for communication and understanding among diverse individuals from different Arab countries. These individuals gather in an Arab cafe in a Western country, where they face life's challenges and seek job opportunities.

The Birth Play

"The Birth" play tells the story of three young Palestinians facing life's challenges amidst wars and conflicts. After receiving an invitation to participate in a theater festival in Morocco, they find themselves on stage without a ready script. They use their imagination and personal experiences to narrate their stories and struggles, and their journey in the performance takes them to an unknown island reflecting their suffering and hopes. The events and conflicts escalate among them until they unite despite their differences in a shared message about homeland and belonging. The play concludes with a folkloric dance symbolizing the return to and attachment to the homeland despite challenges and pains.

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